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Residential Maintenance Plan

American Family 2

Residential Maintenance Plan

Our residential maintenance plan improves your system's performance, maximizes energy-efficiency and lowers operating costs, and ensures you get a long, healthy lifespan out of your heating and cooling system. 

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Residential Maintenance Plan Benefits

  • 10% Discount on parts and labor


  • Priority Service - Get on the schedule before others

  • Extended Warranties - Two year repair warranties, provided that you have maintained continual R.M.P. coverage for the entire warranty period

  • $100 credit per year towards the cost of a new system

  • Two Annual precision maintenance and performance checks

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Heat Pump SPRING Maintenance Includes:

Testing and inspecting all start components 

Checking and recording refrigerant operating pressures

Testing and calibrating (if possible) thermostat

Checking and recording all motor amperages

Checking and clearing condensate drain line(s)

Checking condensate pump (if applicable)

Checking and inspecting indoor evaporator coil and outdoor condensing coil

Calculating and verifying proper airflow

Measuring and recording temperature differentials

Inspecting indoor cabinet and blower 

Testing and inspecting contactors

Inspecting blower wheel 

Inspecting and replacing disposable filters with customer-provided filters

Inspecting other various components such as copper refrigeration lines and insulation

Measuring and recording capacitance on all capacitors

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