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HVAC Maintenance Tips
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Benefits to Having a Humidifier
4 Things to Consider When Replacing Your Heat Pump, Air Conditioner and/or Furnace.
HVAC Maintenance Tips


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HVAC Maintenance Tips

Before chilly autumn nights set in, you need to make an appointment for your furnace's annual checkup. Without this yearly cleaning and inspection, a system can wear itself out quickly, pump deadly carbon monoxide into your home, or simply stop working.

Whatever type of system you have (A/C and Furnace or Heat Pump), don't wait until it breaks down to call for service. A clean, well-adjusted heating system will save you money on fuel and prolong furnace life. Annual servicing is cheap—typically less than $100—especially when compared with the price of a new furnace.

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Benefits to Having a Humidifier

1. Remedying Dry Skin in the Winter
2. Treating Cold, Flu, and Allergy Symptoms like Dry, Itchy Mouth,Nose, Throat, Eyes, Nasal Passages, and Sinuses.
3. Helps Prevents Nosebleeds for People who are Prone toNosebleeds from dry Nasal Passages.
4. Helps Soothe Dry Ichy Skin for People who Suffer fromPsoriasis or Eczema.
5. Eases the Symptoms of Asthma, by Keeping the Air freefrom Irritants.
6. Reduces Static Electricity in the Air.
7. Helps Maintain Leather Furniture's Supple Feel and Preventit From Cracking.

4 Things to Consider When Replacing Your Heat Pump, Air Conditioner and/or Furnace.

1. Get Several Estimates.
2. Make sure the COMPANY is Licensed and Insured.
3. Remember "You Get What You Pay For". Cheaper is not always better. Ifa system is extremely inexpensive then that should raise a red flag.
4. Consider Manufacturer's Warranties (Parts and Labor).

HVAC Maintenance Tips

6 Signs of Furnace Trouble

1. The furnace runs constantly
2. No heat
3. The furnace produces an odor
4. The carbon monoxide detector goes off
5. Banging sounds when the furnace comes on
6. Your utility bill suddenly increases

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Help keep theoutdoor condenser fan running efficiently by cleaning the fan blades and thecoils before each cooling season. (Always turn off the power before attemptinganything other than superficial cleaning). Remove the fan grill and the fan blades.Gently brush off debris from the blades. Then uncover the condenser coils andgently brush the dirty side. Then hose water from inside the unit, usingplastic bags to protect the motor and other components. Also check the base pan(under the unit) and remove any debris that has accumulated there as well.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

According to the U.S.Department of Energy, you'll save one percent of your total heating bill for each degree your thermostat is set back in the winter.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

To keep your heating bill down, set your thermostat to 68°F when you're at home and awake, and as low as 59°F when you're asleep or awake.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Visually inspect outside condensing units on a regular basis, and remove any debris (leaves, grass, etc.) with a soft bristled broom or brush. In addition to this simple "Do it Yourself" tip, it is recommended that your unit be professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Consider investing in a digital programmable thermostat to reduce energy consumption. We recommend The Nest from, a  learning thermostat that can be controlled while you're away from home via a compatible smart phone.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Before each heating season, it is recommended that central HVAC systems, such as Heat Pumps and Furnaces, get a professional tune-up. This is the biggest step to preventing major malfunctions in your unit.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Changing your filter regularly can optimize your system's efficiency and is a simple way of preventing major breakdowns.
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